Thursday, 30 June 2011

a day of bits

I haven't really got down to doing anything today. All bits and bobs.

Felted a pair of knitted mitts.
Washed up (again!)
vaccuumed (ditto)
Made two meals.
Watered the greenhouse.
Managed to get an Etsy mini square on the blog (thankyou Meesh!!)
Posted four pot pictures on Flickr
Posted one cream jug on Etsy
Packed a box of pots to hopefully sell tomorrow

Spent too much time on the computer

Mind you, looked like that, the bits added up to a reasonable total.

Plus the weather has been dry and sunny, and I have a new washing line!!!!

and this is where I'll be tomorrow, helping riders to sign on for their events...


Andrea Ingram said...

Masters already! Say hello to Vic Posse when you see him :-) and all the other I know [most of the old ones ]

Peter said...

I'd hate to admit how unproductive this day has really been in some ways, but there have been good bits in between the ones that tried to push them away! I suppose listing them, like you have done, would show me that there was more achieved today than I thought... I guess I was a bit tired at the start, because I did a glaze firing last night, mostly iron reds again. I'm not much good sleeping when the electric kiln is firing as it is an elderly manual one, and I do have to check its progress from time to time and play with the simmerstats. Oh well, glad to read that you have had some sunshine, and there is nothing like the feel of washing that has got properly dry out in the sun and wind when you take it in at the end of the day! Now look at me rambling on long distance about washing..., time to go and think of cooking something nice for tea! Best wishes, P

gz said...

Peter, looking forward to seeing those reds!
Andrea, Vic has been on the track here quite often recently....anything say he is taking it seriously this year?!!

Relatively Retiring said...

Sometimes I feel tired at the end of a day when I've 'done nothing' and then I add up what I've actually done. I occasionally wear a pedometer - I can easily walk ten miles 'doing nothing' around the house and garden!

madpotter1 said...

Exactly "Relatively Retiring"!
Today I am Relatively Exhausted........

have fun at the Masters, makes me want to blow the dust off my old Peugot and see if the toe clips still work :)

gz said...

I'm sharing the job of running the signing on for the championships, handing out numbers/programmes/safety pins in a pack, taking racing licences (and returning them-hopefully few will forget them!)
Also making sure that they all sign on for the events that they have entered within the champs!!

Michèle Hastings said...

sometimes, when we think we have done nothing, we have had our most productive days.
be well,