Monday, 4 July 2011

long weekend

I've been helping with the signing on for the British Masters' Track Championships at the Newport Velodrome.

Three long days of seeing friends, old and otherwise ! Three long hot days....of working indoors!!

Not many spills and plenty of thrills. Long days, but much satisfaction.

Two sessions of Ayurvedic and sports massage from a lovely and talented lady, who was also camping in our village, so I also had a lift every day with her and her husband.

My tension knots are unravelling and eating is much easier.

I also sold a few pots as I had a small display on half of a separate table.

All the rest of my family were having fun riding bikes and camping near they had a good time too.


Omi said...

Great! xx

Hawthorn said...


Relatively Retiring said...

Wasn't it a glorious weekend? Too bad you were indoors. I took a friend to Hay on Wye and got a crick in the neck from looking at books on shelves sideways.

gz said...

ooooh, envy!!!!!

just bought an Ian Rankin (The Complaints) in the secondehand bookshop in Newport Market- Troutmark-main shop is in Castle Arcade in Cardiff. A Real Bookshop!!