Thursday, 28 July 2011

one out, one in....

It isn't as hot and muggy as some of you "over the pond".....but combined with kiln unpacking and packing, I know a little of how you're feeling!!!

The kiln wasn't a complete disaster. No grinding of kiln shelves!! I think the top got to about 1260- must get the pyro recalibrated, as it read 1240. The middle was almost 1280 and the bottom a little over.
You can see at bottom left the brick that should have a matching one on the right....

One green bowl was 'got' by flying segasaurus bits!! I might be able to grind it down and refire.

yeractual, this is the actual!! It looks bigger than it should, funny angle! It is a good half pint mug.
David Leach Celadon recipe (Cornish Stone 1, China Clay 1,Whiting 1,Quartz 1 plus 2 per cent red Iron Oxide) makes a very sensuous feeling glaze when oxidised. Apparently Celadon glazes were originally fired in oxidisation, not reduction .
I'd love a glaze that would give me amber tones. It is a lovely green when reduced, too.
This one should be a mix of dark amber and black, it could be that it needs reduction. I think I'll refire that in the salt kiln!!

Then repacked by 5pm. I had no desire to be firing until midnight, so it can wait until 5am or so!!


Kath said...

Those woods look very cool and inviting, mysterious too. I would love to walk through them!

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Your stuff is gorgeous and it is so interesting to read about the different glazes and temperatures ( and cakes!)

yeractual said...

Looks like all went okay in the end. Glad to see my own bit looks great. Can't wait to give it a go! Let me know the rest of the detailas etc, when you have a chance. Good luck with the rest!

Me and Tilly Too said...

Love your blue colander and the little one in the 2nd photo too. Good luck with the firing today. Lesley x