Friday, 29 July 2011

and on the way

Today's firing is a little slower to start with, but over 500 C and picking up now. It started raining gently just after 8am, so a walk up the mountain after the firing could be off. Try again tomorrow.

I didn't sleep well last night. I was promised copies of photographs. Now I find out that they were afraid that I'd post them on here. You just don't post other peoples' images, and these would be so precious to me anyway. Looks like my only keepsakes will be our memories.

Why didn't they just ask, if they didn't understand and had doubts? They know well that I worry when I don't hear anything. Now it is yet another wait to hear if they will believe me.

He said to me, christmas before last..."don't contact them, they wouldn't understand Us or You"

Why did he have to be so right?

Another question is why did the person who told me skewed truths do so? Did they want to make sure that what he said was right?


The Barefoot Crofter said...

Sending gentle hugs for whatever you are dealing with here. Early rain has cleared here. xx

yeractual said...

Families are always a mystery; the dynamics are confusing and contradictory at times. Hopefully all will be resolved and you'll have the pix soon to add to the memories.

Hawthorn said...

It's difficult when folk won't or can't communicate and some folk can only see things from their side of the truth - the one that does not hurt them.

What they can not take from you is your memories.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

best wishes this weekend :)

Mouse said...

Families. My own has shrunk considerably over the last few years, both through death and dispute.

It's sad but I learned to accept that even blood-ties are sometimes weaker than ego and pride

tant pis

I hope that this is resolved soon, take heart, friends can be a greater blessing

gz said...

As far as possible now, matters resolved.
No contact. But they know that if ever they decide differently, I'm here.

As to the one who caused the reaction that sparked the trouble, I don't know.
I'm here, accepted by the village and I'm helping our friends.
If their conscience gets the better of them, all well and good. If not I can still work with them if they want.
I'm just sorry for them.