Thursday, 14 July 2011

day out

The sun is bright in the clear sky this morning, but rain is forecast by tomorrow.

The red bowl is on its way to Florida and I'm on my way to the Court Cupboard Gallery near Abergavenny for my first proper duty day!!



Gary's third pottery blog said...

yay duty day! report back!

gz said...

Well, I had a total of nine people in,sold two cards,a large print and a model house shaped paperweight (made of clay)....and a pot of tea for one!!
I think I did everything right!

Dusted everywhere, vacced the floors and cleaned all the windows I could reach!!!!

yeractual said...

Sounds like a day of endeavour, to me! Hope all goes well with the new job!

gz said...

No new job I'm afraid, I'm degree-less and it looks like that was the first hurdle as they had so many and so varied applicants for the gallery assistant's job in Cwmbran .
Today was a duty day as part of the gallery co-operative.

herhimnbryn said...

Hi there,
I was reading a post over at etsy and thought gz might be interested in this, I'll send her the link. And there further down in the post was a picture of one of your little milk jugs!!!

gz said...

An interesting read too

Hawthorn said...

Sounds like you have been busy, hope it leads to something more 'profitable' xx

gz said...

The gallery is good, but like all others is not finding it easy at present.
I'm hoping the summer show will bring contacts as well as sales.
At the moment, Etsy looks the best bet.