Wednesday, 6 July 2011

cefn rhyswg walk

A trip to the dentist,this morning, to start sorting the "grimbly" tooth. It had stopped hurting while I was with my Man in the hospital, and the swelling subsided. The dentist drained it today and said that it should have been still hurting...we came to the conclusion that the Mind and Body prioritise matters sometimes.
I decided to try and save the tooth. The dentist could not advise me either way, I had to make the decision myself...and I was relieved to find that I chose the right one!
No spare appointments for the next step until October. That's what you get for going to a good, popular, dentist!
Back to a soup lunch, unsurprisingly, with a slightly numb mouth!!

Getting my head round work is still not easy. The Oily One is not happy and not sleeping well. I decided to go for a walk and managed to bring him too.

We walked up the old road to Cefn Rhyswg, up to below the old barn by Rhyswg Fawr farmhouse, then along just below Rhyswg Fawr farm fields.
It was showery so we decided not to head for the mountain, but to go across over the ridge.
Looking back towards my Man's Stables, where the newly shorn sheep fill the fields.....
and the fleece lies wasted on the ground. It costs £1.20 to shear a sheep and you're lucky if you get much more than that, despite the rise in value. Although it was half that last year.

Along the lane that traverses Cefn Rhyswg to the cattle grid where the lane bears to the left to go past the other side of the Rhyswg Fawr farm fields.
The footgate has been left open again, but the latch doesn't work because the gate post has been knocked and bent in the past years.

Gate closed with the usual piece of wood.
Then down the hill again to Abercarn.

We're both feeling better for the hour and a half walk.

The Carpenter has gone out for a sixty mile bike ride, that will do him good too.
To sleep you need to balance mental and physical exertions!


Kath said...

Thankyou for taking me on your lovely walk. My head was buzzing from "too much information" at work today LOL
You're right, sometimes a long walk is just what you need to calm the brain waves down.

Zhoen said...

Good luck with the tooth. Lots of walks to heal a sore heart.

madpotter1 said...

took a very long walk Monday after long tribulations with daughter #2. Still tribulations but life goes on....... the goodness for our feet!

best with the tooth! need to go and been putting it off......... just hate it!

wondering about the ponies........ are they still around?

gz said...

The ponies are sill up there, but I haven't seen them yet. They have been the far end of the mountain this month and today was the first time I've been up.
I wish I knew who has inherited them, and what their future is, but as far as the family is concerned we were not married, so it is none of my business.

madpotter1 said...

ahhhhhh gz........ sending you many blessings and strong shoes.


Hawthorn said...

A walk is cathartic, it doesn't necessarily sort out problems but it allows you to think and breathe. I had also wondered about the ponies. Are you not able to speak to the youngest son? He seems the most approachable.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

I've seen fleece used in gardens as mulch...snow in summer! Love to see your part of the world...thanks for visiting me as well.

gz said...

Hawthorn, it would be the YF I'd need to speak to-he is very busy at present, haven't seen him in the village for three weeks. Hopefully he might know. Youngest son is a gardener not a farmer, but I haven't seen him near Col's allotments either.
Some people deal with grief by burying themselves in things away from it. You have to keep things normal, but you have to face the grief too.

Omi said...

Sounds good. xx