Friday, 8 July 2011


Another day of sunshine and showers.

This morning I packed the work for the Craft in the Bay Summer Show to deliver on the 19th, and started trying to decide what goes as samples to the Aberystwyth Arts Centre Christmas Gift Fair selection,with the application form...
At last I've started making properly again. Threw the thrown handles for the mugs off the hump.

Then after lunch I put everything out in the sun and breeze to dry a little, so before long I could add the handles and finish off.
After that, four 1.5 kg bowls, a similar size to the horse bowl.

I opened two more bags of clay, to dry the clay a little before use. Luckily I used a wire to slice it. I found more little bits of yellow ochre, mostly in one. Not much- but you can guarantee they'll end up somewhere very visible on a pot!
I'll have to let my suppliers know that I'm 100% certain that it isn't me contaminating the clay!
It wouldn't be so bad, but this clay is called a "special white stoneware" !!


Zhoen said...

Contamination is always a problem.

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Hello! Your pots are beautiful. I hope you do weel at the fair. What a pitty about the contaminations though. xx

Relatively Retiring said...

What lovely work.
The best of luck with the sales..... and the contamination.

WOL said...

Wishing the postage wasn't so astronimical between you and me. You have some beautiful things.

madpotter1 said...

Going through a bag with bits of redart clay popping up...... such a pain!
Contacted the supplier and said...... Nothing we can do. Amazing! and you're in business, why?

best of the best with sales!!

just balanced the books yesterday and after paying show fees and expenses I am back on my rice and beans diet.......... thank goodness for the garden!

gz said...

There IS something they can do....1.thoroughly clean the machinery when changing over to mix something different 2. Not think they can get away with selling the first batch through to people like us

My clay was the first batch through after the xmas break, afaik.
say no more!!

Anonymous said...

(o) x