Wednesday, 13 July 2011

more new pots!

No pictures yet!

I've thrown a couple more bowls and a platter with1.5 kilos, and a pair of larger bowls with 2.5 kilos.
More lidded soapboxes to do, as I'm not certain that I have the thrown dimensions correct. The ones I turned this morning look far too near in size to the finished article! I've made them to the size written in my workshop diary...but I wouldn't be surprised if I'd made them bigger afterwards and not remembered to change it once I had cleaned my hands!

I'm toying with the idea of chalice/goblet. These could be thrown in one piece and turned like the soap boxes, but another option is to throw the bowl and foot separately . I have to decide which will have fewer failures , take less time, look better.....
I don't want to have too wide a range, but I have the feeling that these just might sell ok.

Another sale on Etsy via the blog! It is good to be appreciated!!

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