Thursday, 7 July 2011

good intentions

I cleared the kitchen last night, washing up done and all left tidy, the idea being to get potting after breakfast....then The Oily One needed to go and see the doctor...but I had to come too! (yes, he is 30 yrs old!) (and depressed)
Returned from a nice walk in the rain..yes, it was nice! Then realised that The Carpenter was supposed to be signing on at the usual not being able to sleep until 4am, he was still sleeping, and had missed his appointment!! He got moving eventually, and I tagged along-a chance to check their computers for a job for me, and have a look around a cheap shop.
He got away with a verbal warning (VERY lucky indeed) and I found sugar for jamming and curry sauce reduced. They buy up quality goods from the warehouses that don't have enough shelf life to go out to the shops...mostly well known brands..and sell them quite cheap!!

By the time we returned it was time to make lunch.

Then this afternoon I actually managed to throw ten large mugs!!!!

The Oily One came up to the garden with me before supper and we called by a friend to check a meeting's date.
She commmented that I look tired....I feel tired!! I am unwinding my stress gradually, but more is piling on from other directions...I need to sell more pots and make more pots too.
It is good having pots in more places, but not if they are just sitting there!!

Tomorrow's job is to pack the work for the Craft in the Bay Summer Open Exhibition.
Hopefully that will mean sales, and getting my work in the right places too!

It has been sunshine and heavy showers all day today and more forecast for tomorrow, with stronger winds too- I think Summer was three days last weekend, this is Autumn!!


Sara said...

((gz)) (just because I haven't in a long time xx)

gz said...

:-). Nice to know you're there

Michèle Hastings said...

our job is never done, no matter how old they are! wishing you lots of sold pots.

Anonymous said...

I think I know what some of that feels like a little. I've been doing odd jobs, reading to an elderly lady, seasonal cleaning jobs of holiday lets and generally moping around in between being unproductive, so I'm glad you found the energy to make pots and plates. I shall go and climb up to Dunkery Beacon later and wave to you!

peelgirl said...

Feeling tired is our bodies’ way of telling us to recover, rest and heal. It’ll keep shouting louder if we don’t listen (from one who knows!)
You definitely looked a lot more like yourself at the meeting yesterday. Hope I didn’t upset you as it was meant with love. Just a little bit worried about our GZ…

gz said...

thankyou and welcome peelgirl.:-)
No, it didn't upset me.
Possibly doctor tomorrow-or does that sound too much like Col?!