Saturday, 16 July 2011

gallery day

The gallery day went well-plenty of cleaning to keep me busy, but not enough customers-well it was Thursday and the schools haven't closed for the holidays yet....and the economic downturn is still on the downslope. Plenty of galleries are suffering.

I visited the local tourist visitor centre, also an international attraction for one sort of cycling. There is nothing there that is produced locally and plenty that you'd find anywhere. That is apparently what their clientele buys. Not that they have a choice......
I'm going to look at others in a twenty mile radius in the hope that at least one might be thinking local!

I had lunch with a friend on Friday-being pampered and talking pots!!
I felt so tired after Thursday I didn't go up to the Pontypool end of the Common on my way back home.

Today has been busy but I still haven't finished those bigger bowls! Only turning and decorating to do.
I've bought parts to mend the car (and collect two of them next week) , had a wander round Ikea (it was too full of people!) made gooseberry jam and baked a Lemon Yoghourt cake!!
It has been a day of showers but very pleasant in between.
The Oily One and The Carpenter went out on their different directions of course!! Then we all went up Twmbarlwm together. It was good to get up in the clean air. We didn't see the ponies atall, just signs where they had been a couple of days ago and hoofprints heading North....I knew I should have called by the other end of the Common yesterday!!


madpotter1 said...

We have a local community college here offering adult ed. classes (no credit toward a degree) have suggested they put a one night program together on; "Living with Local Craft".

Finding so many don't even know we are here; not sure I want to be the one flap'n my gums about it either.

seems in our area we need to get the word out a bit better ....... education, education, education.....

and yes the economy is a factor ....... unfortunately.

have fun trimming!

Jo said...

Glad it went well :)