Friday, 22 July 2011

kiln unpacking andCraft in the Bay

Well I did know one pot had gone, but why that one is so far a mystery. I need to examine the shards as it could be a "foreign body" or that Yellow Ochre on this box lid. Of course the clay manufacturers found nothing!! They were sent a small mug, and a small sample...they don't realise that I want to work with them not against them. There obviously is a problem, we just need to sort it together.

Kiln unpacked. It doesn't look a lot like this. The damaged bowl is at the far end of the shelf, and a lidded box with a handle got chipped by flying debris!
Waxing feet tomorrow and sieving glazes!
The bowls for the next bisque firing have been set in the warm kiln to dry, and to keep them out of the way.

Then off to Cardiff this evening, to nibble nibbles, sip elderflower cordial and fizzy water (lush!) Listened to a speech , looked round the exhibition and the shop. I think I might be underpricing my work a little, but not too much on the whole.
Here is my display, taken from outside the gallery!
This is the view as I left, you can see the exhibition even when it is closed. The brick building is the old Pier Head. The large one on the left is the Millennium Centre, and I think you can just see part of the Assembly building between the two.
It was good to see a friend from North Wales who also has work in the exhibition. I must organise a visit - I'll need a week or two to see everyone!!


Dan Finnegan said...

My guess is that your bowl wasn't dry enough!

gz said...

That was a thought, but they looked and felt well dried, and this wasn't the thickest of the bowls-I'd managed to judge that ok.
An offering to the kiln god!

Me and Tilly Too said...

Sounds like a very busy day to me. Hope your less tired today.

Please forgive a silly question but why do you wax the pot feet and bottoms?

Thanks for popping over to my blog. I do indeed have a Col but mine is a military man and what he knows about gardening, you could write on a postage stamp! Hope you're doing ok and finding some peace while out on your amazing walks.

gz said...

Hello, MTT :-)
I wax the pots to save having to wipe glaze off before firing, otherwise they would stick to the kiln shelf.
Also as I use a white clay body, and glazes containing iron oxide, I like the contrast of the clean white foot/base with the glaze. If I don't wax I can't clean off all the colour and you get a "toasty" effect...which can be nice where you want it!!