Friday, 22 July 2011

Col's Garden

Since I left it to be looked after by Col's family, his brother has been doing a little weeding. All praise to him, he is an engineer not a gardener.

I think they insisted on caring for it until the end of the season, so that I would not be on it.
This actually coincided with my decision that the tradition of the late gardener's partner being able to care for the plot until the end of the season was good- but not when I have a garden of my own and he had I had expected them to be re-allocated.

I thought that looking after his garden would be therapeutic for them as it was for me. Unfortunately the rasberry, strawberry and currant crops have gone to the birds and the gooseberry, apple, plum and grape look to be going the same way.

Spinach, leeks and brassicas are going to seed, the runner beans are starting to be ready. There is blight on the potato plants.

I think that I am supposed to react and get upset.
It is just so sad,thinking of all the work we both put in over the past three years, and Col alone for the years previous. Thinking of all the people that Col would give the food and flowers to, the local retirement flats, the pub and the church.


Kath said...

Its sad to see all the work of previous years go to waste. I wonder what will happen in the future?

Anonymous said...

Shame on them. That's just too sad.

gz said...

the gardens will be allocated to those on the allotments waiting list, at the end of the season. Just wish they'd do it now, these will be going to experienced gardeners who, if the moved plot now would have to leave plants behind- so they would lose nothing

peelgirl said...

Agreed. Is there anything we can do to get things moving along? It seems silly to insist on following 'process', in what is pretty exceptional circumstances. I feel so sad for Colin every time I go past.
A quiet word over a pint maybe the way to go.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

One door closing, another opens to others who will have yours and Cols passion...

john lloyd said...

Pity you have not got something better to do than talk a load of bull. There have not been any horses moved off the mountain. So that’s how clever and observant you are, you are quite good about talking about other people pity you don’t have a good look at yourself. As for being Colin’s woman I think it’s time you wake up you were nothing but a hanger on.
I am quite shower you won’t put this on you site like the rest of your rubbish.