Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday firing

The kiln firing went steadily, not slow, until 1150C, and the last 100 plus degrees took their time- not a bad thing, and as good as a "soak" (holding at one temperature) in this kiln, usually.

I left the car keys with Spannerman, hopefully he can make a start on mending it.

New eggcup in my Etsy store

Then off to the velodrome by bike! Paperwork done, I left them training and was home before daylight had gone completely. I had the lights on for the last three miles (of 12 or so) initially for my confidence! At least it was a warm and dry ride, with mostly a tailwind home!

A late supper on the way and time to check the kiln,and leave the door and windows open!

It was decidedly toasty warm in there!! By ten o'clock the kiln was down to 510 C and I shut up the workshop for the night.

I posted an eggcup on Etsy. They are double ended!! Large and small, depending upon the size the bird provided, you choose which end to use!!

Spannerman and the Oily One found that I have the wrong size ball joint for the my car to be built at the time they were some bits are from the old style and some the new. It is a good thing that I didn't leave firing the kiln to Saturday. Now I'll have to hunt down the right parts tomorrow- I need the car on Monday......

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English Rider said...

The egg cup is a beautiful color and practical.