Sunday, 24 July 2011

kiln firing again

Another bisque today, started on the apparently empty bottle and got it to nearly 300! Unfortunately I was caught by my neighbour for a restarted on the newer bottle at 115 degrees!! It needs a slower start anyway, as there are some larger pieces in that I wish to survive!! 350 and all is well so far.

It was forecast hot today, but we've been mostly overcast so far- mountain weather! It is apparently clearer only five miles away!!

My "slo-cooker" has developed a crack, and so is leaking wax...back to the pan of water and tin can of wax and paraffin, and waxing in the kitchen...with open windows!!!!

I had a better night's sleep last night, not so tired today.


Zhoen said...

Burnt wax has a certain quality, yes.

gz said...

One pottery I worked in had the cafe on the next floor up, directly above the kiln room. We only did wax resist once.....

Relatively Retiring said...

When I first saw 'waxing in the kitchen', I thought, 'Legs?'
Perhaps not?