Sunday, 17 July 2011

clay day and pony news

This morning I managed to get a whole large bin bag of bubblewrap...hooray for Freegle and Freecycle!! I did have to drive to Caerleon to get it...but that was still a lot less than paying for bubblewrap. Ready for more pot-wrapping now!

I came home via the Pontypool end of the Common, and over by the sheepfolds near Ysgubor Wen- I could see where there had been ponies at least, but with rain coming on and no one to walk withI came back to the house.

Then I set to...turning and decorating a smaller platter , making a 1.5 kg bowl into a colander, turning the foot on another, then turning and stamping two 2.5 kg bowls.

After tea I started throwing small bowls (400g), I think I have half a dozen that should be ok and four I'm not sure of. I started throwing some 700g bowls, but started making mistakes...enough for today.

Then supper, and I found that the ponies are being looked after...and the Shetland stallion has been there for a month- but not who owns him. It had been thought that with Col gone, I wasn't interested in the ponies. I've never lost interest in them or the mountain, I've just not been coping with Life until now. Now going up to the mountain is helping greatly. Explaining grief to people is not easy, especially as it takes every person differently.

Just a short walk with The Oily One after supper, as it was getting dark and trying to rain. This does not feel like Summer atall. We have had a day of short heavy showers...some interspersed by rain!! I need some good drying weather to get these pots dry enough to fire.

Pictures tomorrow, all being well!


Zhoen said...

Happy little pots.

We are just starting to get typical summer, more than a month after expected. This does not bother me.

Kath said...

as I type, it is teeming down, so that I cannot see the Tor from the window.
I'm glad you are finding comfort in watching the ponies, I guess it makes you feel a little closer to Col x