Monday, 18 July 2011

walk, Twmbarlwm and Cefn Rhyswg.

A fine sculpture of a heron, just along the path from the Forest Drive visitor centre
Pity about the flower beds!

Along the lake

and up by the stream
to the bottom of the path which goes straight up ...

and up....

to Pegwn y Bwlch (top of the pass) where the chainsaw sculpture stands (no, not a portrait of Himself!)

The Raven from the book, The Mabinogii

and we are at the foot of Twmbarlwm

still more up....

to the fort

looking West and seeing fine rain coming in

and over Newport and the River Severn
Trig point, with grid reference
looking along the main twmp to the separate smaller twmp at the far end

Then looking down from the small twmp along the route I'll follow, straight ahead then round to the left near the skyline

I saw the same group of ponies again. I wonder where all the other mares yearlings and foals are?

just where I rounded the forest and started going left. Then I followed the track which goes off to the left, halfway along.
Instead of going back down towards Rhyswg Fach, which I'd planned in case of heavier rain, I followed the track across Cefn Rhyswg towards Hafod Owen and turned left at the crossroads to follow the lower track to the mountain gate.

Along this track I met two members of Cymdeithas Twmbarlwm Society, who are aiming to research,restore and protect Gwent's most iconic landmark. Such a pity that they never met Col, as he worked towards protecting the whole Common.
You can see them at

Looking down Cwm Gwyddon towards Abercarn, and Llanfach to its right hand side

Looking back over the Common from the Mountain Gate

The sheep folds, above, and below, a wall by Rhyswg Ganol

The old road home
trees that were once a hedge
Then back past Col's stables on Rhyswg Fawr Farm fields and down the old road past the back of Rhyswg Fawr farmhouse and on down to enter Cwmcarn by Maes Derwen, the house built for the coal mine manager in Cwmcarn, where Col's grandfather moved to in the early 1930s.

Back to my house with a pair of well used feet- I'll need new walking shoes soon!

I didn't need my waxed jacket, thankfully, and the fine rain stopped me from overheating.


Andrea Ingram said...

Gosh, you do have some fine walks there!

gz said...

You must come and see for yourself!

Me and Tilly Too said...

I've just come across your blog via Gillyflower. What fabulous walks you have there and wonderful scenery. I really like your pots too. My favourite is the little blue cream jug, just lovely. Lesley x

Zhoen said...

Now, thats a walk. Love the raven. Very mythical birds, ravens.

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing your walk - so filled with beauty and magic.

Elephant's Eye said...

((0)) First wind and the wellies, second yeractual, third I'm here. Definitely a pebble in the pond, ringing out thru the web. Wonderful idea! And an interesting walk ;~) Oh and ook? isn't that the Clockwork Dodo - she has a blog too ()

Anonymous said...

You're making me crave a holiday in Wales! Fantastic sculptures. You must be shattered now!

gz said...

Not shattered, my main constraint is time! (and tired walking shoes!!)

I did two hours throwing before I started

Relatively Retiring said...

Lovely photos, beautiful walk - thank you for showing it.

gillyflower said...

That looks a brilliant walk. Now i need to go check out google and see where you went!Computers are good for some things!
Thanks for sharing the photos.
I have had many wonderful holidays in Wales over the last 10 years, but we rarely seem to fit in a good long walk like this due to having a reluctant teenager!
Gill xx

herhimnbryn said...

I enjoyed that walk! Love the Raven.