Saturday, 11 June 2011


Committee meeting over, I went to garden...rain and hail stopped play!! The Oily One had come to assist as well!! Two iron poles removed, greenhouse watered and turnips planted..and we retreated to the greenhouse until it was only raining!
After lunch and with his washing on the line we went for a walk- and saw the culprits doing their rain dance!!!!
That flat green patch in the middle is the cricket pitch!

At least we got home just as the next shower arrived, and most of the washing had dried.


yeractual said...

More rain, at least it was summer rain, soft and gentle. The garden looks good, very country cottagey, colourful and pretty. Sound most productive, too.

Andrea Ingram said...

Well, it's lovely here for a change. :-)

Wales is always nice in the rain. I seem to remember

Kath said...

What a lovely place to walk and such relaxing views.
Doesn't everything look green and lush after all this rain.

Hawthorn said...

We've been dodging the showers too, running into the greenhouse then dashing straight out again to grab the washing off the line, running back to the greenhouse only to have the rain stop....... not getting much gardening done today.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos; feel like I went for a walk with you x

Sara said...

Could you believe that hail yesterday!?
The rain is making everything so lush and green though and at least you don't have to water the gardens!!

soubriquet said...

You move on, we all move on, as those who can no longer walk beside us would have wanted us to do.
But they're not gone. You pause, every so often, looking at something and thinking how they'd have commented upon it.
You hear a voice in your mind, a movement just out of sight.
Sometimes the touch of a steadying hand upon your shoulder.
Still there.

gz said...

you are so right, soub, exactly so.
It is good. It isn't surprising as we were so much in tune to each other.