Sunday, 24 April 2011

day of parts

Partly doing washing (and drying it on the line!) partly making lime with lemon cordial, Partly doing a bit of pricking out and potting up.
Partly pricing and packing pots for tomorrow.

A quiet day today, not scorchingly hot, but pleasant enough, and quite a few people allotmenting as it went cooler, before the midges came out!!

All day with my grumbly tooth, either just aware or hurting. In sympathy with The Man's back.
Both should start being sorted on Tuesday. Why do these things always get worse on weekends and holidays?!


Zhoen said...

Of the tooth and three crowns broken over the last two years, all were on Saturday or Sunday. You have my utter sympathy.

WOL said...

Is it an upper tooth? Upper teeth under the cheek and nose can be sensitive to changes in barometric pressure, and can "sympathize" with stuffy/achey sinuses. -- At least mine are

Gary's third pottery blog said...

mmm, best wishes on the tooth, dang!

gz said...

lower tooth
still affects the sinuses