Thursday, 7 April 2011

getting through

I seem to have picked up the sore throat and snotty nose bug from the Twins. Luckily not as snotty as them! The throat is not good though, probably compounded by not drinking enough at the gallery. Note to self. Take drink next time AND drink it!!

After the battle with the housework I escaped to the do yet more tidying and sorting.
Construction is vaguely imminent, therefore the old shed needs emptying.

Job mostly done, and the greenhouse is now rather cluttered. I do have two bags of rubbish and one of recycling, so not just relocating everything. Plant pots need sorting and tools too, as I have been given much over the past year!

Mountain man was sowing more seeds in his greenhouse. His soil is still rather too damp for much digging, but he does have the lowest end of the allotments.
It is funny that even though our allotments are a hundred yards apart, it feels that we are working together.
Lunch together was good, nice and quiet with the sunshine through the window and tracing pedigrees on the computer..his and his ponies'!!

Took him back up top after lunch-it would have been so easy to go for a walk on the mountain from there but we both had work to do.

The Oily One and the Carpenter are deconstructing a spare engine. Some bits to use, some parts to sell and the rest to sell for scrap.

The afternoon's job was turning and finishing, and with a session after supper too there are lidded soap dishes , a butter dish (with a Mouse!), and spindle cups done.
More soap dishes, shaving mugs to handle and all the large jars and bowl to finish .

The weather still has a chill edge to it at times, but it is definitely in double figure temperatures when sunny now!


Tony Giles said...


Thanks for popping by the blog.

What is it with this double-digit temperature lark I'm hearing about on all these blogs? I'm getting jealous ;-)

yeractual said...

Sounds like the weather has now changed for the better in Wales, with Spring now properly established. It's always tempting to take a walk in the Welsh hills.....the scenery is so beautiful, especially on a warmish day.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

with a mouse, cannot wait to see THAT!