Sunday, 17 April 2011

sunny sunday

Although sunny there is still cold about- it was white on the mountain this morning.

The pots have all been waxed to save sponging glaze from the feet and galleries.

I've sorted half the pile of tin sheeting behind the allotment shed.

I've bottled Crabapple wine - quite strong and dry, almost whiskeyish. Also Beetroot wine, which lacks body.

The Oily One has been off mountain biking and climbing all weekend, and apart from playing cycle polo, The Carpenter is doing his best to be nocturnal.

So no progress on emptying the old garage. Time is passing- It needs to be deconstructed, and the allotment shed taken down ands a new shed built. The excess tin sheeting needs to be off the allotment by the end of this month....

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Zhoen said...

Spring tends to come in it's own damn time.