Thursday, 14 April 2011

kiln firing and good news about Hay

The kiln behaved differently with the burners further away from the ports, slow firing was easier.

It helped that we're into spring, so the flue only took about ten minutes to warm up and draw, instead of getting on for an hour!
The flame failure sensors had to be adjusted- it does help if they get some flame on them first!
The levers on the burners themselves worked better, but I agree that I need the regulator/guage on the line nearer the kiln. It would save getting wet when it rains, and peering at it when its dark!!

At a couple of points it stalled, and I'm not entirely sure why-it wasn't at any of the critical temperature points where as the silica changes its form you use more energy.

The real test will be the next few glaze firings.

Gas price has risen again. At least I use good suppliers who don't try and squeeze the last penny from you and DO put the price down when they can. The last 47kg ( 100 pound?) bottle cost £50, the next will be about £53.

The good news is that I'll be doing the craft fair at the GlobeatHay during the Hay Festival.
I haven't anywhere to stay yet, but I probably can't afford to pay for anywhere, and £20 per round trip for fuel will be cheaper. The dates are Saturday to Monday, 28-30 May and Friday to Sunday, 3-5 June. The hours we'll be open are 12 noon to 7pm, to fit in with the Festival!

Thats incentive to make!!


Andrea Ingram said...

I think it's time for the tent!

gz said...

Just looked at prices....driving will be cheaper!! Anything remotely near, ie within 20 miles, goes well up in price for the Festival.
Lets hope I can find someone on downsizer forum with a spare bit of floor!!

WOL said...

Is your car such that you could bring a bedroll and sleep in it? Do you know people going and could you club together to get a room and some of you sleep on the floor? I'm thinking along the lines of my good old air mattress with an air pump that plugs in. I've also seen them that inflate most of the way with a blow dryer on "cool" setting.

gz said...

I'll take the sleeping bag and mattress jic, and I'm doing a craft market in the town a week Monday, might be able to work something out then.

yeractual said...

I used to live not far from Hay, in the Golden Valley, Turnastone, Herefordshire. Lovely spot. Have spent many, many hours searching for and buying too many books there. Know it well. Hope you have a great time.
If desperate for somewhere to stay, let me know as I have an old friend from my Uni days living there, near town centre, now a used book trader - what else, in Hay?

gz said...

Whilst doing the regular Thursday market with my pots I have actually managed to resist buying books!(even managed to sell a dozen to Richard Booth's Emporium at a decent price!!)

I've had an email from the organiser- there will be FREE camping with toilets and they are arranging free access to showers too!!