Tuesday, 19 April 2011

kiln firing...pause..

Gas too low to finish...stalled just over 900 degrees Centigrade.

Cut my losses, shut down and order gas today for tomorrow. Unfortunately two salt pots should have been posted for Easter.....

The Oily One HAS to clear the path (again?!) so that the gas bottles can go out and in.

The Wizzard's car is still unsold, but with luck we'll get past that.

I am fed up of having my back yard and (small) back garden treated like a scrapyard!!

On the positive point, the weather is dry and warm during the day if chilly at night..got to hang on to something...


WOL said...

Sounds like somebody needs to put a motherly foot down.

gz said...

It has to be done carefully-or,like his dad you get no co-operation, bad temper and negative reaction.

Always hoped we'd given his dad his marching orders in time...looks like we didn't and he behaves like him, despite complaining about him!!

soubriquet said...

Speaking as one who has in the past been an oily one, and who has kept a trailer on his mother's drive for a number of years -at the old house, I managed to keep a trailer, a caravan, and an elderly range-rover for several years....,
I must speak up in defence of oily ones everywhere.
We make the place look lived in, our projects ensure that our mothers see us more often than they might otherwise, and we're sometimes around when there's lifting and shifting to do... and when bread comes fresh out of the oven.
Appreciate them whilst you can, infureiating though they may be. One day they'll have flown the nest, and the house will seem empty without them.

gz said...

indeed, soub. You love 'em AND they can be infuriating at the same time!!