Friday, 29 April 2011

More pony moving...again!

Despite not being well, we had to go and move Buster and his group of mares from Pen yr heol above Cwmbran. He has been making a nuisance of himself and tried to add a mare to his harem...unfortunately she was twice his size and had a rider!!

The problem stems from people feeding them on the common where a public lane crosses it and there are houses around there too.
It may have been Winter and in the snow, but we were feeding them higher up and on the other side of the mountain to try and get them back. Plus there was plenty of forage under the snow that they were getting. They were all, even in the worst of the Winter, beautifully hairy and fit!! Who knows what these few were being fed as well!

The consequence is, that this bunch is returning there. The lead mare decides where they go, he follows and keeps an eye on them.....

We drove them back away from the road and I took them up the steep old road as the Man waited at the foot. The mares go first, then Buster and I follow at the rear.
We have a feeling that they'll be back there...but at least we've been seen moving them away and up!

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WOL said...

Buster must have some kind of gumption if he's tackling a mare nearly twice his size. He sounds like a regular Pepe Le Pew.