Friday, 15 April 2011

More good news

There will be free camping, with toilets and access to showers at Hay!!!!!

On top of that The Carpenter got wheels, pedals and lights on my road bike (seeing as he has borrowed a tyre and inner tube from my mountain bike!) and I rode to Newport for the Cycling Club Cardiff training session/club night at the velodrome. Paperwork and paying done, I left them to it after an hour of the two and a half hour session. It was 8pm and I was beginning to feel peckish! Also it is Friday night, which comes with Friday night traffic...I wanted to get past the rugby ground and out of town early enough as Gwent Dragons were playing at home, and the roads get very busy on top of the usual Friday night traffic.
Taking all this into the fact that I didn't fancy the hill by the civic centre...I came home via the canal! So 45 minutes to get down there and 70 on the way back!! (it is a little further too). I did walk the second part of the steepest bit by Fourteen Locks
I now feel tired but with recharged batteries!

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Hawthorn said...

I like the idea of the camping lark - that solves the accommodation idea :)