Friday, 1 April 2011


One load of sorted car bits to the new garage.

One small load to the local rubbish/recycling centre.

Food shopping done and lunch made.


The Oily One still has to sort stuff from the old garage....and move two Mountain Man said, he needs a small warehouse!!


J. said...

Tell me this isn't an April Fool?
Seriously, isn't it satisfying to be up and at it so early, leaves most of the day to sit back and feel contented.
Now, if I were to request a butter dish with a mouse on the lid do you think you could make me one please? I am collecting for my French house...

Zhoen said...


gz said...

J...In French Blue?!! (Well, a nice dark blue) Butter dishes are on the making list, mice will also appear :-)
Clay kneading ready for making on the list today.