Friday, 22 April 2011

walk on the mountain

Dewponds, created in the 1100s by the Cistercian monks for their mountain sheep . The haze in the far distance on the right is smoke from the 1000 acre fire on the Brecon Beacons. Firemen dread good weather and Easter...this was probably arson....again.
We saw another smoke plume further over, possibly above Ebbw Vale, and another faint one that could be in the direction of Gelligaer.
Where the deciduous trees are, was a smallholding

We'd been told that the ponies were on the Western end yesterday. Having had little rain for weeks, who knows how old these footprints are!
A very important pole...unfortunately quite a few have been damaged
looks like a small lorry got torched at the trackside. Usually it is just cars
Then down off the mountain and back up again to take The Man back home.
This is the pair of bends halfway up.

Wish I could stay up there. He has hurt his back and needs help.


WOL said...

You'll just have to keep in phone touch with Mountain Man, and look in on him when you can. Is there anyone else who can go check on him/help him out till you can get back up there?

gz said...

Wol, he wont let me visit-part of his back problem , I think, is that he lets his past sit on his shoulders. He lost much of his farm, the farmhouse and a lot of money to his ex....