Saturday, 23 April 2011

today's mountain walk and other things

Look who I found! Better on The Man's allotment than on the back lane, ready to be squashed by a car!
Looking down from Twmbarlwm. You can see the burnt patches by the road
Should have focussed a little nearer, but in the middle is one of the car parks on the Forest Drive. By there is an area with a playground and several purpose built barbecue sites.
Here you can see one forest road going across, halfway up the picture, and another a little further up. To the left on the higher road, by some deciduous trees, was Pen Pant farmhouse. All it had for water supply was a shallow well. To the middle of the picture along from Pen Pant was Rhyswg Fach, inhabited until about 1954. There they ran a dairy, and took the milk down by horse and cart, and returned with churns of water.
About halfway between them and just above the pine trees you can see a field belonging to Rhyswg Ganol, which as far as I know is the only one on the mountain with a decent well. Unfortunately the old building is not standing, but you can see the footprint of it on Google Earth. There has been a bungalow there since about sixty years.

We heard that the ponies were by Twmbarlwm so took a walk there after lunch. No ponies!
But we could see where they had been for water then returned to the main mountain. There was quite a number of people up there today, and many quad and motor bikes (illegally) so no wonder they hadn't stayed.
No rain so far today and everything is getting parched.

I'm not...I'm sitting here with a mug of fresh Lemon Balm (Melissa) tea with a little honey!


WOL said...

You're better off than I am. I'm sitting at my computer working. I'll be working every day straight through til the 30th hoping to make enough to pay my rent on time.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

gosh, ponies just wandering around? do you have unicorns too?

ladyofclay said...

The pictures are beautiful ! Looks like such a great place to hike. Reminds me a little of Alberta's north country. Has it been unusually dry there ? We are having the opposite problem here.

gz said...

lady, it seems to be setting a pattern of being dry now and soaking in (flaming!) June!!

Wol, I'm up early and working most gardening and walking get done before and after lunch.

Then I'll often be back working early evening