Tuesday, 12 April 2011

pony walk

I spoke to Mountain Man on the phone as usual this morning, thinking that he'd be in his home, having his Farmer's Breakfast ! ie the second one at 10am..the first is just a break fast at daybreak. He was miles away, looking over Cwmbran, having been walking since 6,30 am. By then he hadn't seen even one pony.
I beat the housework into submission, adjusted the position of the burners on the kiln and was about to go to the garden when he phoned...could I meet him at our usual parking place near Twmbarlwm to give him lift down?

It was a good thing that I'd taken a warm gilet..when I phoned to say I'd arrived he said...want to go up Twmbarlwm to check?!!
Welsh Black Cattle also graze the Common Ground
The motocross and 4x4 vandals have been busy

It is a bit steep...

A nice boggy bit, with more wheeled damage to the ecosystem
The foot of Twmbarlwm!! With the fence cut to the side of the stile
There he is!!
On his way up!! We both did the tump for a change!!
Looking down on the Nantcarn and Graig parts of Cwmcarn, the Spitefull in the distance on the left and the roof of the Forest Drive Centre just visible above the trees in the middle
Spotted them!!!!

This one was last year's runt and it had been expected that he wouldn't survive the winter.
He still isn't that big, but he has come on well. (I've tried to find the picture with him in, from last Autumn. Failed! He was a fairly dark grey colour then, and much smaller than all the other foals)

It was lovely to be up on the mountain again together in the sun, despite the chilly wind, listening to the birds and checking the ponies. He saw well over half of them and we have a good idea of where the others are!!


Hawthorn said...

Men. :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

gosh, I wonder how you pronounce twbxmdddm or whatever that word is! Gorgeous pics :) I would not mind open season on the types of motorvehicles that would trespass on those lovely scenes.

gz said...

T, well just 't'
W,short 'oo'
like Tom only different!

BAR as in pub!! (emphasis on this syllable)

LWM rhymes with TWM

There, now you can say it too!!

Hilary said...

Oh what a beautiful area.. and the horses.. sigh! Thanks for bringing your corner of the world to me by stopping by my blog.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

The walk around your parts is so inviting...love the pony photo...glad he made it...he's a sturdy little dude!

ramona said...

Wonderful little pony. Thank you!