Thursday, 12 January 2012

a beautiful day

Snowdrops under the Walnut tree.

I spent today with friends, firstly collecting bagged pony manure for this garden. Then I pruned brambles here, mostly under a warm sun with a few very light soft rainshowers.
It was so beautiful, the air was warm and breathable, birds singing, and a tractor chugging along in the distance.
We talked pots and potting too, planning next week's work.

Then off to Usk for tea with a friend, collecting a few belongings from elsewhere on the way.
More tea and talking ceramics and gardening and swapping travel plans.

It is good to be with friends and be relaxed and talk-and before you know it you can see how to progress in a blink, after having wrestled with ideas for an age!!

After a lunchtime shower it was dry again, but having been so clear it is getting much colder- but still not quite freezing.


Zhoen said...

Amazing how much just listening to yourself telling someone else helps clarify problems. Not to mention smart friends who come up with solutions and ideas.

Gardeningbren said...

That walnut tree is outstanding! Great photo.

It's true isn't it, when we sit with friends and talk ...we get inspired. Their spirits lift us, and hopefully, ours lift them as well.

gz said...

exactly Zhoen, and they come up with ideas as they see the problem from a step away

Hawthorn said...

Snowdrops already? Was wondering when they'd start to appear. Strange winter this one, definitely a damp squib one this season.

I need someone to help clear my head and untangle my plans too!

yeractual said...

Strange winter everywhere, it seems. Our old place in northern sweden is at about minus 23 now, so fairly normal, but we spoke with a local, resident Swede here who's from nearer Stockholm and he says it's been a 'Green Xmas' - a noteworthy affair! The snowdrops must be very early, surely?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

you have...little flowers? wow :)

Hannah said...

So true so true, friends are invaluable aren;t they for helping you get sensible thoughts about life.

Janet said...

Silly me. For a moment there I thought the snow drops were actual snow. Beautiful walnut tree.

cargillwitch said...

I would LOVE to see flowers blooming right now! wonderful inspiring photo!