Saturday, 14 January 2012

Diwrnod i'r Brenin

Literally "A Day for the King" other words, a day off. With fine sunny weather as well- although we'll pay for it with cold nights!!

Still busy though..I collected the rest of my work from Craft in the Bay, from the Summer Exhibition. I had assumed that the pots I'd packed into one crate would all come back in the same one, but they'd split them into a crate and a box...forgotten that they'd done so when I collected the crate in September...and I only checked the crate last week!!! Lucky indeed.

Then dentist. That Tooth has shed the top of its filling, so it received a temporary top and hopefully will be crowned next month.

I visited Oriel Canfas near Chapter Arts Centre in Treganna (Canton) in Cardiff.

No time for a cuppa in Chapter unfortunately, but it was good to see Anthony Evans working well in Oriel Canfas.

There was nowhere to park near where the Oily One works, which is quite near to Chapter too, so home for a cuppa!

The day was topped off by finding my way round Newport to find a Freegler (I should have trusted my directional instincts to save myself twenty minutes!!) and going to the Velodrome to help with the Cycling Club Cardiff track session and see friends.

A good day....followed by tidying the allotment today!!

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