Thursday, 19 January 2012

gardening escape!

from sorting and de-cluttering!!

We now have a large heap of brambles and buddleia in the Walled Garden, ready to be turned into potash!! I started, and now finished removing brambles from a huge forsythia bush. The buds are just showing on it and soon there will be flowers. Now it will look good and be safe to prune after flowering!

The New Mugs and New Handles have been unwrapped, and just loosely covered with one sheet of plastic. They should be dry enough to lightly fettle on Sunday.

On my way home I came over the mountain (surprise!) to avoid the traffic, and drove behind a young farmer (in his twenties-we need more of his generation to carry on, when the average age is 58) on a quad bike as he moved sheep to a field half a mile up the road.
I didn't mind waiting, and it would have helped if someone impatient had come up behind. Two large lambs got a ride on his lap, and the two dogs hopped up behind him for breaks! It was good to be thanked and pass the time of day (and to be recognised...he keeps an eye out for me on my mountain walks.)

We are back to Spring weather again, with light showers. The forecast is to stay much the same, getting a bit breezy on Saturday and colder on Sunday, although still above freezing point.

We do need a dose of Winter. Just please can it wait until I'm back from North Wales!!


Tracey Broome said...

What a great image of all of this I have in my mind, yes we need young farmers, please!!

madpotter1 said...

Who will feed the world......... we better keep gardening :)

snowing hard here and tonight 0 degrees F., I think that is -17C anyway COLD!

Jenny Woolf said...

Decluttering the garden (i.e. getting rid of brambles and other such stuff ) is more satisfying than decluttering the house, I find.

suzyQ said...

Oh, I would love to come upon a farmer moving sheep down the road! I have never happened up on that; they must not move sheep that way here very often.