Monday, 9 January 2012

dusk walk

I've cleaned a heap of tools, when they and the tool boxes are dry I can sort them and reduce them. All the greenware has been packed in the kiln ready for a bisque. There is room for more at the front, but I want to get this fired as soon as I can. Then it will be a fresh start for this year.

By four o'clock I'd had enough! Time for a walk near the village.

An oak looking haggard and green, so different from last year.

Looking down the Graig with the end of the Mountain bike Downhill Trail behind.
The eight foot tall bracken now brown and laid low
The sides of the fire road, including sizeable trees has been flailed back
Top of Cwm Fapi (the Lappy)
Down between the trees. The eyes see far more light than the camera
The first streetlight at the top of the Graig
looking down to the lights of Cwmcarn
Back to streetlights, that make it seem much darker


Kath said...

I love that photo of the old oak, I almost expected it to have a face like an Ent!


I always feel uncomfortable about not filling every gap in the kiln, but sometimes it's for the best - just to move on. I am exhausted just reading your recent posts - you seem to be having a mental and physical springclean all at once!

red dirt girl said...


smartcat said...


Gary's third pottery blog said...

damp but just so pretty, gosh! hey, the upper left in the kiln, is that a dragon piece? your sculpting is always soooo beautiful

gz said...

no, pony's head

Chris said...

More wonderful pots to see later then Gwynneth!

Can't wait for the light and warmth of Spring. Longer walks too.