Monday, 2 January 2012


I had help, thankfully, to get all my paperwork up to date and tax returns done (they still owe me £5!!) at the beginning of April 2011.

Erm....unfortunately they've gone pearshaped again. I used to be really prompt about recording everything as soon as it went out or in.
Still, it is only a matter of pulling all the information together as it IS all there, and then getting back into good habits. Just the bank statements and cash sales to check, then put all the receipts in date order.

It doesn't sound too much of a job written like that!!

I've been gradually tidying, making room, finding new homes for things and getting rid of stuff too!

I'm still not well enough to go out for long in the cold and damp, so no point sitting getting bored, be useful!!!


Zhoen said...

You've had a difficult year. You'll get it sorted, and back to better habits this year, I'm sure.

Hawthorn said...

I'm not brilliant at paper work, I start off with good intentions then my butterfly attention span kicks in and I get distracted! Your comment moderation word verification had me smiling - inadish - a hand thrown one?!

gz said...

H, it is surprising how often something appropriate turns up!

Relatively Retiring said...

You're going to feel wonderful when it's done!