Wednesday, 18 January 2012

final selection

Thanks to The Carpenter for his well thought out comments, the selection has been made and packed.......The red/brown bowl, the blue jug, the salt glazed box, the fishy sgraffito platter, the cookie jar and the green bowl with the pie crust rim.
Any more would have been too heavy!

Now to pack a selection to show to two other galleries who used to sell my work well...that should be far easier!

I've photographed pots to put on Etsy, just need to weigh them and set the postage and packing charges.

That should keep me busy today! It is still cold out there, although the temperature is rising again- it is playing "yo-yo" so you can't get acclimatised to any level. So staying in and getting on with it is not a bad deal!!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

You sound so organized!

gz said...

desperation, procrastination...and having said so, I have to do it!!!


Good luck with the gallery - I find different galleries want different things from me - which can be frustrating and has no rhyme nor reason to it - but there you go...

gz said...

CD, at least that means that people can go to different galleries and see different aspects of your work!

red dirt girl said...

I'm with Gary - You're so productive!! When it's cold and blustery out, I just want to curl up for a nap under my quilts! Sounds like a fine selection. Good luck!