Saturday, 7 January 2012

first market this year

At Usk this morning we had the first farmers' market of the year. Only a small market in the smaller hall with about a dozen stalls, far fewer than usual. It was pleasing to see regular customers turning out and the bright sunshine helped! This is the first time in fourteen years that the first market in January has been held, and it was successful due to the weather. Had it been like the past two years, most of us would have been unable to get there!

I didn't sell much, but more than covered costs and talked to many about the Court Cupboard Gallery. Hopefully this will mean more sales there.

Back home to carry on the New Year de-cluttering with The Carpenter. Getting there slowly!!

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madpotter1 said...

I am loving de-cluttering! A joy to walk around my studio without tripping on stuff, seems to be a way to my life in order these days.

A January market seems like a great way to start a new year. Best to you gz :)