Sunday, 15 January 2012


Late yesterday morning the frost was still there, just a crust on the surface so far. By the time I'd cleared the shed on the allotment I've given up you could break the surface and all the ice crystals had gone.
Just don't look closely at the greenhouse on the one I'm keeping on.....
The Carpenter helped load the car and I moved things to the house, workshop and shed until I get a shed on my allotment.

The weather was sunny so despite it meaning a late finish, the kiln was lit just after 2pm. Rather that than struggle to get it started and to get the flue to draw on a frosty morning.
It fired very well, only slowing down after 1100 C, partly because the gas bottles had started freezing and partly because it was trying to reduce. I aim for a balanced, oxidised firing partly because it uses less gas, but also because the green glaze is attractive and sells well!
There are parts of thje kiln that still reduce, even when it appears to be drawing through. This adds a variety of colour on a pot, a flash of 'movement' and individuality.
I'm learning more each time, but I like these variations even though I can't entirely control them.
The firing was finished by 9pm, which was a relief! Time to relax instead of just turning off and crawling into bed!!

This morning at 6.20am, the temperature had dropped to 342 will be quicker because of the freezing temperature outside, but now is when it really slows down. Just under 300 degrees you want it to go slowly, as there is one of the points that the quartz crystals in the fired work change form. You take it easy, or get problems with the work cracking.
Now it is just after 8am, I might just go and check the pyrometer.....


The Barefoot Crofter said...

We had a tiny bit of frost earlier in the week - apart from out brief snowfall in December it has been so mild - and wet. have a lovely day x

Chris said...

Of course Gwynneth, as soon as you said 'don't look closely at the greenhouse...' that's exactly what I did.

What's wrong with it? You should see mine!!

gz said...

It is all cluttered and I can't get in it!!
It is too cold to get things out to sort them. Luckily it is also too cold to need to use it yet!!...but it wont be long!

Zhoen said...

Time enough to sort the shed closer too.

No controlling those creative moments, they have a life of their own, even as they follow the rules of the universe.

Gardeningbren said...

Looking forward to seeing the new pots. Thanks for sharing the firing as it's been years and years since I participated in one and your words brought back many memories.

madpotter1 said...

Spent last Saturday in a friends, hoop house. Has been very cold here but the hoop house was delightfully warm, moist and smelling of earth :)