Wednesday, 11 January 2012

cracking on

Yesterday I fired the first bisque of 2012!
It went well, apart from one gas bottle running empty and finding the kiln back to 100 degrees C and dropping! A quick switch over and it was on the up again. If nothing else it meant that the bigger bowls and plates were fired nice and slow, so no bad cracks and explosions!!

It was good timing, the bottle running out as I'd just had a letter informing me of a gas price rise from gas ordered yesterday came at the old price, thankfully.

This morning the kiln was down to just over 100 degrees after breakfast, nicely timed to crack open the door and let it cool further as I sorted the pottery tools I'd cleaned. Not many to go, as I'd had a good sort out a year ago, but back in order.

The glazes were ready , the gasman came, and after shopping and lunch...let the glazing begin!!

I'm trying this kilnload without waxing, to see if it gives a tidier finish.
All pots were plazed, fettled and packed back in the warm kiln by six o'clock.

Decks cleared and cleaned, then The Oily One made omelettes with cheese and chopped onion.
Served with plenty of salad and some good dark rye bread. Just the thing after a good day's work.


Michèle Hastings said...

i sent a HUGE check to the gas company today... i put it off till the very last minute it was due.
i will be curious to hear how you like the glaze line on your pots without waxing. personally i like the clean look a waxed line. I use hot wax whenever possible... liquid wax if the pot won't fit in the pan. i really dislike wiping glaze from the bottoms of pots.

gz said...

I always used to use hot wax.
A year or so ago I got fed up of wiping glaze, so I tried cold wax. this seemed to leave a deposit on the pot, even at cone 10. I went back to hot wax, but couldn't get the wax right, or the I'm back to wiping pot bottoms!

Zhoen said...


red dirt girl said...

productive day! but what i want to know is if i can come over for dinner?? it always tastes so much better when someone else cooks!


gz said...

RDG, it does so!
Well, when will you be over here?

smartcat said...