Friday, 6 January 2012


Today has been mostly tidying..I've found the box of good pots I've been an obvious place!!

Once I've decided which pots will be heading to North Wales for a gallery selection, I can clear the living room table.
I've "found" the sofa, the comfortable chairs AND the coffee table already...the room will be usable soon!!

Now I've got two months to decide what to submit for the Eisteddfod...there is even time to make brand new work.
Usk Farmers' Market is tomorrow morning, and the car is packed ready. I think Monday morning is Sort Out Workshop Day.


Anonymous said...

Can you afford a new broom? ;)

red dirt girl said...

Good luck with the market. I, too, shall be selling the day away at work. Not as fun as your work appears to be. But it helps pay the bills. I'm grateful.


petoskystone said...

You're being so organized & up&at'em that I feel guilty!

gz said...

seafringedge welcome- I think I need a new broom to deal with The Oily One!!
It is good that The Carpenter is sorting and de-cluttering too, making it his home.