Monday, 11 November 2013

a day ending in cake!!

Today started with high finance, shuffling money around in order to pay for things and get the Etsy shop up and running again.  Now I need a decent camera to photograph pots as the one I was borrowing is back in Wales....!!
If you use a basic digital camera, you get basic images.......and it looks cheap and unprofessional.

Then a fitting at the dentist. I lost a lot of front teeth in a crash in the 1970s and the previous dentist hadn't renewed the plastic ones for many years. Your teeth move, your jaw changes and plastic wears so they shouldn't be left unchanged for more than five years.   I've found dental care here in Scotland fantastic. Perhaps I've just been lucky to find this one, thanks to The Pirate.

Onwards to collect firewood from a friend. We'd felled a dead tree and our payment is the wood.  Rowan burns well!

Time was tight, so lunch was "bun on the run" as we took turns driving to Dumfries for The Pirate's physio treatment on his shoulder. ( absolutely bamjaxed in a crash on the track in Sydney in 2009, when an ex-pro rider in front of him had a tyre roll off.  Result, collar bone through shoulder blade.....)
Then back again to get home (almost) in daylight.  It is getting dark so soon, it seems.

Whilst heating up supper, we made Carrot Cake...I mixed, he grated, we baked!!
Now we're ready for a visitation from cycling friends tomorrow.

If no-one comes I'm sure we'll have earned ourselves a goodly portion after chainsawing and splitting and stacking firewood!


Shaheen said...

I found the dental care in Scotland fantastic too, unlike returning back home to South Wales. Ok if you want to go private, but for NHS patients, long wait, I waited 8 months. And even then, not happy with the services received. So I really do miss my dentist in Glasgow.

Enjoy the carrots cake, as you know I've been eating parsnip cake to ease the pain of not getting a proper job since moving back,keep getting to interview stage then knock back! doing some food stalls here and there. Sadly I had an attempted break in, I was there and confronted the burglars, has shaken me a little.

Hope your settling in well into your new home, be safe and well.

gz said...

Very scary, Shaheen. Hope all goes well in the future. I don't even get as far as the interview stage with job application.