Sunday, 17 November 2013

walking on

As it was frosty this morning I walked to the village community shop to buy a newspaper. Two miles in all, and by the time I was back home the sky was clouding over.

after lunch, a trip to Prestwick and Ayr for which time the weather had turned dreich..not worth a photograph!!

The Pirate was up on his feet and walking around today, but he still isn't ready to come home...tomorrow maybe, or even Tuesday.... slow but steady recovery is the aim

Still it was hard to come home alone again.

My heart was lifted by the sight of a hare casually loping by as I left the hospital car park...a good omen for tonight's full moon. (and the Pirate was born in the Year of the Rabbit...or rather Hare!!)   As I arrived home the tawny owls were calling to each other across the farmyard.


Cro Magnon said...

I love that stonework, but the pointing is a bit brutal. What a beautiful area you live in, that stream and bridge is just a dream!

Relatively Retiring said...

What a lovely way to collect a newspaper. That's an interesting building with the clock on top!
I hope the Pirate gets back to home comforts very soon.

gz said...

RR, that is the McCosh Hall- at present being used as the village school as the new school is still under construction...apparently ready before Christmas they say.....but don't hold your breath, it was supposed to be ready over six months ago!!