Monday, 18 November 2013

Fresh Ayr

Today was Final Fit day for my new teeth...and they do! I've never had ones crafted so well. A dentist is not only a surgeon, he/she is an artist and sculptor and engineer too!
Thence to the shops again, to buy supplies for The Pirate...he likes to be clean!
As there was no point doing an extra 20 miles in the car to go home for an hour and return for visiting time, I stayed in Ayr for some fresh air and (intermittent) sunshine.

looking towards the Isle of Arran

a squall coming in towards Prestwick (on the right)

Enough of this freshness....time for coffee in Alloway!

The dose of air worked..I parked in the hospital carpark and slept for half an hour before visiting the Pirate. 
He is improving slowly, , better than another man who went home this morning...and was back again this afternoon.  You can't rush these matters.

I'm so glad  that he is being treated here as the doctors are most understanding of his point of view that he needs to be functioning properly before being sent home. In many other places he would have been out of hospital on Sunday...far too early.

Home a different way tonight, out on the Castle Douglas road and turn for home in Patna.  Only a mile further but a quicker run without rushing. No traffic jams as well!!

Now I'm sitting in front of the open stove eating supper, rice, mushroom and chinese veggies stirfry with almonds, and blogging. 

Just waiting for The Pirate to phone in a short while before he goes to bed.


smartcat said...

You are so fortunate to be in a place where the Pirate is getting proper care.

When P. had major surgery he was sent home far too early, and he had excellent insurance. In some ways being home was good for his morale, but it was tough physically.

I am glad to hear that steady progress is being made.

It sounds like you are avoiding the caregiver's bane and taking care of yourself too.

soubriquet said...

Tell him friends he's never met are wishing him well.
And you too.

Best wishes!

red dirt girl said...

My man has been keeping me apprised.... ((hugs))