Sunday, 10 November 2013

day out continued

We surprised the Pirate's daughter with supper out in the Kirkmichael Arms..finished off with a chocolate fudge birthday cake topped with brandy chocolate truffles.
 I think that Isi Nimmo from Jock's Cafe in the Kirkmichael Community Shop excelled all expectations with that cake!!

Today, Sunday, we took daughter to Glasgow airport for her journey back home.
We look forward to seeing her again!

As we were already in Glasgow....ok, many airports are really where they say they are?!!..we went to watch friends getting muddy as they competed in cyclo cross races in Strathclyde Park near Motherwell.  Now I remember why I don't compete in this discipline.

Homeward bound by four in the afternoon, we avoided traffic jams by heading South a little and going across country via Muirkirk.  Some would call it bleak, but it feels open restful and welcoming to us.

The skies were cold blue, yellow and peachy colours with high mares tail clouds in wispy patterns.

We arrived home a little after sunset, to the light of a half moon and the stars.  It feels like anothrer freezing night outside, as we have supper in front of a wood fire in the slove.

Night all!


Relatively Retiring said...

That sounds like a perfect time - and what a cake!

Michèle Hastings said...

now I want cake and it's only 10:30 am!