Wednesday, 13 November 2013

last minute

We're busy, too busy tying up loose ends and getting jobs finished, weather permitting, before the Pirate's "weekend break" in the NHS "hotel".

Today we raked leaves on a large lawn and pruned two blackcurrant bushes. We've been given the third bush. If nothing else it will be a source of good cuttings.
Then I went for my two hour volunteer work in our village community shop and cafe whilst The Pirate sat on the rideon mower and mowed said lawn.

I returned to find a rather soggy Pirate as he'd just been caught in a heavy shower!
That neatly put paid to doing any more work, luckily as we'd done enough.
It has carried on heavy showers and blustery wind right to this evening.

Then we collected our "new" washing machine, which appears to work!!!! It is also half an inch wider than the old one, so only just fits the gap......cue sigh of relief!!

Tomorrow we sort the bikes so that my road bike is the first to hand.

Then, really last minute....we buy pyjamas and get him a haircut, maybe!!

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Zhoen said...

Always know where your towel is.