Tuesday, 12 November 2013


The Pirate chainsawed firewood this morning, building up a stock of cut wood for when he can't work.  My job is handsawing and lopping the smaller pieces, then stacking.

The weather tempted me to use the washing machine, which then decided not to spin properly. (the brushes on the motor are not contacting properly)  Then the weather decides that it will start playing at showers....we have bought a "new" machine, but it is sitting ten miles from here....

However the carrot cake made last night was voted a success by two friends who visited us for tea and cake this morning.

Winter weather prompted winter fare for lunch and Celeriac and Leek soup filled the bill, with wholemeal bread and Crowdie cheese.

Yet more sawing and stacking until the afternoon turned chill and the light began to fade, at only 4.30pm.

Now we're sitting in front of the warm wood stove, having a well earned break.


smartcat said...

There's nothing like wood heat to feel cozy and warm. We too are in the dark by 4:30PM.....and it will get darker before it gets lighter.
Hope you have plenty of wood in and all goes well.

Susan Heather said...

I had to look up Crowdie cheese - it sounds delicious.

Michèle Hastings said...

Our wood was delivered split... but there has been lots of stacking to do!
Now I have to go look up Crowdie cheese...