Saturday, 9 November 2013

day out

 Today started leisurely...then was delayed by snow and hail showers!

This was not a day for the bikes, so we ventured forth in what The Pirate calls "the Tin Overcoat"!

We went to the trig point on top of the Carrick Hills to show the Pirate's daughter the view...of squalls coming over the sea to Ayr.
 Looking towards to top, there were some beautiful cloud formations.

Down to Maybole Shore again and this time we could go on the beach.

weathered rock on the beach

 Thence to the visitor centre at Culzean Castle for much needed coffee and cake to warm us after the windy walk by the sea.

We investigated the second-hand bookshop (open every day!) and found a treasure trove of old Ordnance Survey maps...

Then to the Swan Pond, snack bar unfortunately closed...

 with pond....(and a few ducks and swans as well as these)
 and pagoda, which will be 200 years old next year.
 Early on, they kept monkeys here..and the handrails are tail-shaped

Then back to Kirkmichael and Jock's Cafe in the community shop for a late lunch.

And it is only almost half-past six, plenty of time to have more adventures....

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