Friday, 8 November 2013

pictures...and tidying...

I've just managed to sign in to my Flickr account...when we're snowed in I'll have fun posting more images there!

Meanwhile we're tidying the house before The Pirate's younger daughter comes to stay for the weekend....much stress, much "How have I got all this cr*p?"
We've done a lot of sorting and reducing, but now is the box it and hide it stage!!!

The aim is to re-appear the boxes one by one and deal with them one by one. It will
work, honest!

The sun has been shining this morning, but of course just as The Pirate has things over the lawn and is sorting them into the shed....we have a rain shower...with sun!!

1 comment:

smartcat said...

Looking forward to lots of photos! I like the contrast of the stark plants against the sky.