Friday, 29 November 2013


Sorting and de-cluttering, ....whatever you do, in whatever field in your life, it looks worse before it looks better!

Papers in boxes LOOK very tidy...and its a mess when they are being sorted/shredded/used for lighting the stove, recycled.....and even, a small amount, filed!   
Have you noticed that people never seem to visit when your home is tidy?

As Winter draws in we'll have less gardening to do and less money to travel, so more time to tackle this mountain of box at a time.

Yesterday the Pirate had his latest appointment with the oncology nurse...all well so far, just keep on keeping on...six weeks down of hormone treatment, one hundred and fifty to go....

It would be easier for him if his op had left an external scar...then he'd have a visible reminder of having had a fairly major op.

Winter makes him sad as it is, the treatment could make this worse.  However he is through half of his worst sad part of the year, not long to go....then he can get me through February and March...

We are booking our tickets for our Hogmanay trip to Eileann Siar today. We're both looking forward greatly to that.  I must buy a spare pair of rechargeable batteries for his camera that I'm using, so that we're never caught with flat or chilled batteries and no camera!!

We went to the Burns Centre for lunch hopefully next time!


Andrea Ingram said...

Eileann Siar ! Always fancied a visit there too ;-)

gz said...

Looking forward to seeing you in the bag

Michèle Hastings said...

sorting paper, ugh. you should see the piles on my desk right now.