Saturday, 16 November 2013

carry on carrying on..

I had a good little ride on the bike today, after getting two washes on the line..

halfway round I saw a friend out cleaning her windows...tea and talk was called for!!

It was a shorter ride than intended, but still worth it.
Back through Kirkmichael to pick up the paper I bought on the way out!

A quick lunch and off to see The Pirate after buying pens to do our greetings cards, in Ayr.

He is a little tired today, but he has done some walking.  Slow and steady progress does it.   
Today's instructions? Chill out, get out on the bike again tomorrow morning, don't overdo the housework!!

So this evening I finished making the Apple and Haw Cheese (with a touch of ginger!!)

 I'm having a go at fruit leather for the first drying slowly in the oven, after baking beetroot chocolate cake....just take your usual carrot cake recipe, substitute beetroot for carrot and about 50g of cocoa powder is substituted for 50 g of the flour....


Zhoen said...

Anything involving chocolate is excellent for healing.

Relatively Retiring said...

Fruit leather sounds interesting. Sometimes it happens naturally here when I forget to empty the fruit bowl!