Friday, 22 November 2013

getting chilly

Today has been beautiful, but cold.  Some ice and slush a quarter mile down the road, where a ditch overflows and runs over the road, hadn't cleared completely before it started freezing again.   Many patches in the fields haven't seen the sun atall.

Today the Pirate had his second four weekly injection, so we had a leisurely walk around Maybole.

The main A77 road, from Glasgow to Stranraer goes right through the middle....carrying heavy lorries all day every day.   It gets quite "interesting" when you get lorries going both ways....and perhaps a car parked, or a van doing deliveries.....!!

The bypass route has been set since 2008....the little town is being shaken to bits!!

After a late lunch it was fortunate that a friend arrived to see The Pirate.   I went to do some gardening- pruning raspberries, loganberries and currants- in the next village over.    He had only intended to play foreman and watch me working, or sit in the car....but he has to learn when enough is enough.  Not easy when you're used to being active every day.

By 4pm it was too cold to work- it had got up to 4 degrees C today, but felt not much above freezing.  Home to the farm, and the furniture maker who rents a barn in the yard was in a pickle....he had mixed some plaster in his workshop, went to clean the bucket and his water supply had frozen.

I'm glad I stacked two trailerfulls of wood yesterday and we've been promised another of ready sawn wood.      This is in exchange for doing two days of painting and decorating...barter lives!!


Sandy miller said...

Barter lives are pretty good lives! Cold here too, no gardening, rain and wind. Studio days :)

Julia said...

I'm behind again but good to catch-up and happy that all is going well for The Pirate
Love J.x