Saturday, 14 December 2013

all day indoors!

Today has passed with storm force winds and rain.
We've been tidying , cleaning, sorting and de-cluttering....ready for family visiting next week!!! 
The Pirate has kept the woodburning stove going all day, and the little blue kettle that used to be in his camper van has been working hard.

It was that little blue kettle that boiled the water for our first cuppa at Meadowbank velodrome one rainy day in 2003 !

Despite the weather, a parcel that was fortunately being tracked got to within a quarter mile or so of 17.45, well after dark....
I think the problem is that goggle maps has the marker at the wrong address....
there are six or seven houses/ groups of houses, within half a mile, all with the same postcode...and three are called The Stables!!

I've reported it to goggle....please move your marker...just hope it works in time!!


Sandy miller said...

Indoor here too..... It does wear on one's energy levels. Hibernation while I wait for the solstice :)

Cro Magnon said...

My son 'named' the little track that comes to our house on his Sat-Nav. It seems that the name is still there!